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Endodontics is the treatment of the diseased or infected dental pulp, which is the soft inner tissue of a tooth. The word "endodontic" comes from the Greek "endo" ,meaning inside and "odont" meaning tooth. Many teeth can be especially difficult to diagnose and treat. The complexity of anatomy or the bacterial infection often create a case which is beyond the skill level and experience of a general dentist. Usually, posterior (back) teeth and teeth that have had previous endodontic treatment, require an experienced clinician with advanced training, especially where a substantial amount of time, effort and money is going to be invested in your tooth. Often advanced techniques, materials and equipment are required for a successful, long-term result. For this reason, many dentists choose to refer their patients to endodontists.

Our teeth are meant to last a lifetime. Sometimes, however, damage occurs to a tooth (often from a deep cavity or an injury that causes a tooth to crack) and the inside of the tooth becomes infected. This infection damages the pulp of the tooth – the network of blood vessels and nerves inside.

At Shiva Dental Care we perform procedures such as single sitting root canal therapy (RCT), endodontic surgery, cracked teeth and treating dental trauma.

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